Prestigious apartment and housing search in Yokohama and Tokyo for expatriates and their families.


Why use Tailwind?

1. We will listen to your needs -

We don’t just offer profitable properties for us but find properties that are right for your needs. We will listen to your requirements and find the best match within your budget.

2. We will guide you -

We are happy to provide you general and useful information on daily life, emergency situations, how to get around, local supermarkets, clinics, and etc upon requests.
We will also explain what’s needed for moving in and out of the property.
As for entertainment information, please refer and check the Tailwind blog or Tailwind Facebook on a regular basis!
We can also make suggestions on the location of housing if you are not familiar with the local area.

3. We are small and meticulous -

We are a small sized company but that may be one of our strong points as we can provide a friendly family service. We would like you to feel welcome and at ease with us and most of all in your new house or apartment.

4. We will negotiate -

Anything is worth asking for, and we will try to negotiate as much as is reasonable and we will also explain to you the Japanese laws and custom.

5. We will tailor to your needs -

We can offer you a furniture lease according to your needs and within your budget.
If you prefer to purchase your own furniture, and don’t know where to shop, we could make some suggestions.