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How to lease a property in Japan

1. Contracting Timeline
The timeline for contracting consists of two parts: Screening and Contracting.
The Screening process, which involves checking applicant’s documentation, may take up to a week to 10 days from the point of application but depending on the landlord. If the property is owned by a company, it will usually take longer than a private individual owner.
The Contracting step may take another week to process the contract documents, and consists of reviewing, clarifying and negotiating the contract.

Please note that it will take 2 - 3 weeks from the point time of application before moving in, however a quicker process could possibly be arranged if required. Tailwind can negotiate with a landlord for all your needs.

2. Guarantor Company System
There are two types of contractings, one is a corporate contract and another is a personal one. When signing the personal contract, a guarantor is often required. However, there are people who cannot provide
Please note that charges for the guarantor company will vary depending on the company
being used. Prices quoted here are just an example.
Note: For some landlords a guarantor company is compulsory.

3. Required Documents
I. Private contract:
A) Income statement
B) Passport copy or residence card copy
C) Guarantor documents
D) Name stamp (called a “inkan” or “hankou” in Japan, your name seal)
*It can be made easily at a small cost (approximately US$10 or less).

II. Corporate contract:
A) Corporate profile
B) Corporate registry certificate ( if the lessee is a Japanese company)
C) Corporate seal certificate ( if the lessee is a Japanese company)
D) Passport copy or Residency Card copy of the tenant
E) Please note that required documents may vary depending on the property therefore documents listed above are just for your information and examples

4. Intial Cost for Contracting
I. Key money: Non-refundable fee to the landlord, up to 2 months rent depending on the landlord.
II. Deposit: 1 to 3 months rent is often required depending on the property. This is refundable after leaving the property, provided that the property is left in a good condition.
III. Insurance fee (non-refundable): Approximately 20,000 JPY(≠166USD) or more depending on the property size.
IV. Rent: First month’s rent or first two month’s rent depending on the property. When contracting from the middle of the month, rent will be pro-rated.
V. Key replacement fee: Approximately15,000 JPY(≠125USD) or more depending on the property. (Before moving in, a set of keys will be allocated to you. These are new ones to replace the ones used by the previous tenant. Some landlords may not charge but a few.

5. Utilities & Postal Services Registration
In order to start using gas, water and electricity, you need to register your name, address and moving date. You also need to register your name and address with the post office, in order to receive your mail. When moving out, you are required by the utility companies and also the post office to inform them of when you are moving out, in order to settle your final utility payments.
* When contracting via Tailwind, such necessary registrations will be undertaken by Tailwind free of charge.

6. Furniture lease
Most properties in Japan are rented without furniture, but there are leasing companies available, if you do not have your own furniture. Tailwind can assist with furniture leasing or we can arrange to furnish accordingly with your needs within a budget if required. Please inquire for a quotation for pricing.

7. Contract Termination
Usually a month notice is required depending on the contract type and a penalty charge may be applicable if early contract release is required. Prior written notice is required for termination. Kindly check the contract for further details.

8. Deposit Return
Normally it will take a month or 2 months on average depending on the landlord. Please refer to your contract when to expect your deposit to be returned

9. Moving out Package
Support for moving out process is not usually provided by letting agents. We will process it on your behalf at a cost of 20,000 JPY(≠166USD) in the Yokohama area.
*Please ask for pricing on areas outside of Yokohama.
Service includes:

➢ Submitting a termination notice to the landlord
➢ Accompanying a property inspection when moving out
➢ Liaising between tenants and landlords for the moving out process.

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