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Yokohama Visitors Guide
Some useful links in and about Yokohama and also living in Japan!
Discount Vouchers !
Here are some discount vouchers and cash back offer!!
“Must Do” as a recommended action at the
In order to recover most of the refund from your deposit, better to take pictures of the original state of the leased property at the point of moving in. The reason why…
Yokohama City Rules of Garbage Disposal
Yokohama has strict rules on segregation of garbage. Here is the info on segregation!
Get started with Japanese mobile phone!
If you are staying longer than 2 years, may be better off going for a contract phone, however buying SIM cards with voice calls may be a good alternative!?
Prepaid Data Sim
Buying a prepaid data SIM is the easiest and quickest way to get your cellphone activated for a use in Japan and find out why.
Furniture Rental Service
Tailwind offers the furniture lease as an additional service and we have sample pictures available for viewing. Please click the blog title for further details.
Rules on Apartment and House Hunting in
Things you need to know when looking for properties with several agents. In order to get the best deal, it is important to choose the right agent. Here is some essence to find out why...