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Yokohama City Rules of Garbage Disposal

Please refer to the link below for the segregation. As for the days of disposal, please check with your landlord or maintenance office of the apartment building as days differ by district.

You also need to check the disposal pit. If you are leasing a house, the trash area is by the street near your house. As for those live in the apartment buildings, you may find it within the apartment premise, otherwise it’s located outside by the street also.

Places like hi-rise condominiums or buildings with concierge allow 24 H garbage disposal usually. Otherwise you are supposed to throw away rubbish in the morning before 9am of each collection date not the night before.

Here are the points to check on rubbish disposal.

  1. Segregation rules
  2. Where the trash area is
  3. Dates of disposal

Please note if the city finds garbage thrown without segregation, they will not collect the garbage but leave it behind.