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“Must Do” as a recommended action at the time of moving-in.

It is highly recommended that you take pictures of the leased property at moving-in to keep a record of the original condition to avoid disputes at moving-out. There is a rule of restoration to hand over the property to the landlord with the original state as moved in at the time of moving-out.

There is usually an inventory report at moving-in that needs submitting to the landlord approximately within a week to 10 days from the point of moving in. You are to report on scratches, marks, stains, molds, cracks or any possible damages you may find inside and outside of your leased property. If you submit pictures with the report, it will make it easier to prevent it from being charged unjustifiably. Even if there is no such report required, I would recommend you to make your own report and submit it to the landlord. You may just simply report via email with the pictures as that may be just adequate enough.

 Repair costs of natural tear and wear are to be borne by the landlord, however the costs for damages caused by your own negligence will be charged to you. Cleaning charge is also a standard fee that will be charged to you at moving-out but it doesn’t mean you don’t need to clean. If the place was kept without reasonable cares so that the special cleaning is required and this excess charges will most likely to be charged to you also.

 The standard fee for cleaning is usually around 1,000 JPY per square meter but may vary depending on the vender used by the landlord. Please note that you cannot nominate the vender yourself.

 Please note that such possible repair costs and the cleaning charges will be offset from your deposit.